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A kilo of stones every hour

In an entertaining way, this film shows how mineral aggregates play a role in everyday life and the economy. From asphalt to toothpaste, we use many products from quarries and gravel pits every day, which are extracted, mined and then processed.

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TOP MINERAL products are listed in this section according to their application field.

TOP MINERAL has a particularly comprehensive range of products. In this section, you will find all products classified by product group.

TOP MINERAL services are outstanding. Our specialists are professionals in their field. You can depend on them for comprehensive advice in working out the optimal product for your needs.

Special mixtures

Turf base layers ready-mixed by us for site delivery: mainly sports fields, golf courses and football grounds.

Quartz sand, moist

Our quartz sands come from selected deposits with optimal quality characteristics.

Quartz sand, dry

Drying enables numerous very closely graded screenings.

Rhine sand

Our low-lime Rhine sands, from various different quarrying areas, are all characterised by excellent quality features.

Infiltration ditches

Together with leading experts, we have developed a standard substrate for the greening of infiltration systems.

We offer more than an array of building material products – our mission is also to advise and support you with innovative long-term solutions.